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So I just watched this movie called Timer. A B List movie trying to be blockbuster material but it had an odd effect on me. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I'm a movie freak. I watch movies, I google them, I can tell you everything that is publicly accessable on One for the Money, I can tell you which movies that have set up for sequels in the last 5 years will actually have sequels and I can also tell you which classic boardgames are being turned into movies. (Monopoly and Battleship. Battleship looks promising starring Rihanna and Liam Neson, yea you read that right). But I don't normally get affected by movies much unless they are my favourites or they are books that I have loved for years. Armageddon, The Prestige and The Producers are three of my favourite movies off of the top of my head. Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty are my childhood favourites that I could watch until I die. Harry Potter, The BFG, Twilight, The Georgia Nicolson series and soon to come the Stephanie Plum series and also Vampre Academy are my book movies that i watch to see how hollywood lived up to my imagination. Some were better than others, I think you know what I'm talking about.

But anyway, what I'm trying to say is that books have more of an affect on me because it's my imagination, it's whatever I take from the book both in the mind's eye and philosophical terms. Which is why it's so odd that a B budget movie would make me, God forbid, think.

Timer is about having a, wait for it, timer (tada!) placed in your dominant arms wrist and it counts down to a specific moment in time. No that's not the plot, I just want to keep you on your toes for another minute. When you read that line, what did you think of? What kind of timer do people usually talk about? Childless woman in their late 30s normally talk about their biological clock, but that wasn't it. I think the majority of us know when we're going to have a baby. I remember a time, I think it was about when the first Final Destination movie came out, that people started discussing The Death Timer. And it's still around today, the ominous question 'What would you do if you knew that you had one day to live?'. I'll admit it's evolved but it's semi the same question. If you could find out the day that you would die, would you tkae the oppertunity? If you found out that you would live until you were 86, would you go to uni, invest in promising software, make a life for yourself, fall in love and start a family? Or, if you knew that you were going to die when you were 25 would you smoke/snort anything that was handed to you and fornicate with anything with a pulse (granted it was human and of age) ?

A couple of years ago I had a Final Destination marathon, and one of the DVD extras was a quiz to find out when you would die. I knew that it was fake, a DVD couldn't possibly tell me when I was going to die and if I took it twice I would get a different answer, no question about it. (:) you're welcome witty people who read my blog). But I still closed my eyes and took a deep breath before my answer showed up. I remember thinking, I hope that I forget this date, I know it's not real but I hope that I forget it. And as I'm writing this I keep thinking 'was it july? was it 2022?' and as I wrote that 2022 didn't look right. I also remember that it didn't put me in my 30s. Fake or not, I was shit scared at the time and pretended to giggle it off.

And my rambling is now going to piss you off because the movie was not about installing a Date of Death timer.

It was about a timer that counted down the day that you met your one true love. It was placed in your dominant arms wrist, you could get it from the age of 14, and granted that your one true love also had a timer, it would count down to the day that you met said person. In the movie the main character's little brother got his timer at 14 and it showed he had three days until he met The One. The main character's step-sister/best friend was in her late 20s and still had over 2,000 days to go until she met her One. The main character's timer didn't even start until 20 minutes until the end. So there were quite a few paths to follow. Not everyone had the timer, it was completly voluntary for that one person sitting there thinking 'they forced this shit on people?!'

And like I said, it got me thinking. I've had this movie for a while, and in the summer I thought I would definetly get one if it were available in the real world. Being the girl who was never the centre of any boy's attention growing up, I became a hopeless and desperate romantic. In my own head ofcourse. I only watch complete romance movies with my Mum, because garanteed, we will cry and then mock each other for it. But now things are different. I have a boyfriend who loves me and who I'm 80% sure that I truely love (I'm still  bit lost as to what love is, but I'm looking into it). So if it became available tomorrow, would I get one? Summer 2010 me would say yes in a heartbeat. Jesse's girlfriend says I don't know. At this point in my relationship it would be comparably easy to let Jesse go for whatever reason not to mention that we were each standing in the way of our Ones. But would I, would we, take the risk of finding out that we weren't meant to be together? If I really loved him, you're thinking, then it won't matter. But the desperate part of me thinks ' I need to be sure'. In the movie, the main character's parents got divorced because their timers said that they hadn't even met their Ones yet.

I'm actually feeling torn about this! I'd hope that it wouldn't become available until we'd cured AIDS and cancer, helped 3rd or less world nations and fixed the global economy, but I'm actually thinking 'would I do it?' Would I take the oppertunity to know for certain who my true love was? Would I take the chance that it could be Jesse and I got it right first time? Would I take the chance in finding out that it wasn't Jesse and I have to wait 10 years until I actually meet this mysterious person?

What would you do?



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Apr. 25th, 2011 08:02 am (UTC)
Nice title! :P

I wouldn't get a timer. I like to think your One only becomes your One through your relationship with them growing. In other words, your One is made, not born. If you get to a point in your relationship where you're willing to let your significant other go, in the belief that he's not your One or you're not his One, it's effectively a self-fulfilling prophesy, because you're not each other's Ones by your own choice. What do you reckon?
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